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Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo by DicedPears
Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo


The guardian of Sakimitama (幸魂 Love)

Voice samples: Voice 1   Voice 2


Nobuo (Nicknamed ‘White Devil’ throughout his lifetime)







-Class & Species  

Ogre Demon (Oni) (With a bit of shet added)


• Enhanced senses

• Regenerative Healing Factor - Can heal wounds faster than the average demon. The more severe the wound, the longer the process of healing is.

• Poison Immunity - Immune to all types of poisons, both manmade and miasma.

•Enhanced strength


• 月影の剣 (Sword of Moonlight/Tsukikage no ken) \  太陽の剣 (Sword of the Sun/Taiyō no ken)

              •   Nobuo's Tsukikage no ken is a sword that derives it's power from the moon, so to speak. When used at night, or any poorly dimlight area, the blade will emit an almost heavenly glow. This blade is used to cut down barriers, and any heavily protected spiritual blockades.

              •  Taiyō no ken is a blade emits a yellow-like aura when used. This sword, much like its name, is a blade that can cut through demonic armor due to it's hot temperatures. It's spiritual power, along with Nobuo's allows the blade to heat up to extreme temperatures.

•  Claws

• Demon’s Fan ( A fan created with the bones and flesh of other demons. It possess mystical powers for both for offensive and defensive attacks.)

      • Can withstand severe attacks, never shredding or fraying.

      • With a wave of the fan, Nobuo can summon red flowers (Much like that on the design of the fan) that will cause large explosions, potentially doing severe damage to his opponent if they are hit within range.  

-Partner Aids

[Goshinbokuu] Poko by DicedPears  A Bakeneko named Poko that serves Nobuo under the condition that he must repay his debt for being saved. He assists Nobuo in any way he could, accompanying him in travels and even tending to his wounds after battles. Poko is a highly trusted servant to Nobuo.


Flirtatious | Deceiving | Bipolar | Playful | Dramatic |

Nobuo is a demon who is constantly fighting his inner demons. Although he was announced as the Guardian of Love, he still feels hungry for human flesh, and must hold back these feelings especially around Ishihara and Akira. He’s very teasing, and will say the most sinful things to anyone in order to get a reaction. He’s usually always in his temple, being tended to by his human and demon servants. Nobuo is  not seen much outside due to the scent of human flesh driving him crazy.

-Strengths & Weaknesses:

• Charm(Uses his good looks to his advantages)

• Speed/Agility

• Weapon handling

• Human blood



-Human Blood

-Long ranged attacks




  • Nobuo has probably fathered thousands of children by now

  • He takes pride in his hair. Don’t touch it.

  • He has a tendency to hide his face behind his fan, or fan himself quite often. This is blocking human aroma from his nose. Sometimes it’s because he doesn’t like showing emotion.

  • He acts like the Queen

  • His temple is filled with incense and candles to block out the outside world. It’s so strong many demons and humans can’t handle it and stray away.

[Goshinbokuu] Poko by DicedPears
[Goshinbokuu] Poko


 Poko (also known as ‘Devil’s Cat’)

-Age:  201

Voice: Voice

-Gender:  Male

-Class & Species:Bakeneko

-Height/Weight: Humanoid Height: 5’0; Demon Height: 2’4




•Enhanced vision, especially in darker lighting

• Immune to most poisons and miasma; Can still be affected, but it takes the form of a small cold.

-Weapons/Powers :

•Reanimation- Ability to reanimate corpses, although he has yet to learn how to properly control them. They can sometimes go on rampages, so Poko keeps this ability on a downlow.

•Fireballs - Summons fireballs from the palms of his hands. These fireballs act almost ghostly, being able to warp through walls or manipulated in any way Poko pleases. Because he is still young, Poko sometimes uncontrollably launches fireballs due to a bad temper.

•Flammable Tail - Like a match, the tip of his tail can ignite a small flame that can set fire to anything it touches.

-Partner Aids: Assistant to his lord, Nobuo


Sassy | Hardworking | Childish | Coy | Sensitive | Perceptive

Poko is a very prissy housecat that maintains a tough demeanor as a way to portray how grown up he is. He doesn’t like being told what to do, although he’ll do it anyway and make sure whatever he was told to do is perfect. Despite his attitude, he can be very and friendly to other he trusts, but always very rude to those he doesn’t like.  

-Strengths & Weaknesses  



+Close combat




-Food (Can eat 3x his size, and enjoys it)



As a young kitten who lived on a farm, Poko was bred to for one thing and one thing only; to live out his life catching mice. Adopted by an elderly couple who wanted to settle down, they brought Poko to their manor in order for him to have a carefree life. It was simple, living out his years just to catch mice. But it had become  boring and uneventful as soon as the elderly couple passed away, leaving the manor for Poko for years.

Poko continued to catch mice just as he was bred to, and eventually he reached the age to where he would become a Bakeneko, only to live a hundred more years in the abandoned residence. Eventually, Poko grew tired of the constant game of cat and mouse, and felt the need to do whatever he wanted. Usually, the bakeneko would scare away wanderers who thought it was a good idea to peek into the manor. At night, Poko went into villages and play tricks on unsuspecting humans, living the life of a child that really never grew up.

One festival night, Poko snuck into a village where families of all sizes joined together in order to celebrate a good year of harvest. He took this moment to snatch a kid and possess his body. At first, all was well until the family realized their son had been acting much differently ever since the festival. In their moment of fear, they sold Poko to a brothel.

It took years, almost a decade, for Poko to break out of the brothel and onto his way of freedom. That was, until a group of drunken samurai attacked him on an open road and beat him almost to death. He screamed for help until his voice gave out, fought until his arm and leg were broken. When the samurai left him to die, a passerby with long, silver hair had rescued him, bringing him to his temple and tending to his wounds. He called himself Nobuo, and told Poko that if he had wanted, he could stay with him. Nobuo would give him shelter, protection, food, and everything he desired if he promised to stay by his side and aid him in his work of being a Guardian. It wasn’t a plea, more like a command for saving the Bakeneko’s pathetic life. But Poko couldn’t refuse; he had no where to go, he was weak and demons would pray on him like a bug. So, he had agreed to follow Nobuo to the ends of the earth, much to his dismay.

Now, Poko trains under Nobuo, perfecting his technique of casting and manipulating fire. He travels with Nobuo wherever he goes, helps around with the temple (Mainly giving orders to servants and helpers.) He is the Guardian’s right hand man, and even looks up to him as a fatherly figure.


-Poko has a nasty temper

-He acts like he’s a slave to Nobuo, but in reality he loves serving him due to Nobuo’s kind heart.

-His humanoid forms looks around 15 years old. It stopped aging the moment Poko possessed it.

-The red markings on Poko’s arms and legs is from paint. He does this in order to represent the lord he serves under. ( It was completely voluntary. Poko likes Nobuo that much.)

-When no one is around, Poko likes to sleep on Nobuo’s lap

-He made Nobuo swear to never tell anyone how much of a softy he is. Nobuo agreed happily.


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 1:42 PM

:icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: 

• An rp group based on the famous INUYASHA. Roleplay your originals characters (Whether they be half breed, full demon, or even human) in this spunky feudal tale classic with the hothead demons, magic, and pervy monks we've all grown up watching!!! 

• This group is open until JAN 31ST 


Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo by DicedPearsGoshinbokuu Guardian: Akira by nekoyashaprincess

BJBB: BONES [CLUBS] by DicedPears

" I'm not really a fruit person...but if I had to choose, might as well be peaches."

Yas Another frackkin Revamp! Lots as happened to Bones within the last few months ;3

for Ze Fab group :iconbjbb:

A Rough Sketch of her new outfit…

Name:  Jacqui "Bones" Taylor (Prefers Bones.)

Age: 22

Birthday: Febuary 4th

Height: 5'7

Weight: 130 lbs


Ripper  /Information Broker

Rank: D-Orange

Card Type and Number: Nine of Clubs    ( She now has a tattoo of a 'tribal'ish clubs on her shoulder )

Attribute: N/A

Weapons: Two-Double Sided blades that are usually hooked onto her leg. (Can See here ->    ) The two weapons have the same 'ingredients' to that of any regular blade made from steel. Her sub weapon is a small dagger that is hidden within the sleeve of her left boot. 

:new: Bones now connects a chain to her blade to get the better use out of them. (Throwing them around easily without having to run and pick them up.) 

Items: Black Gloves and eyepatch.


Bones is a very emotionally detached person who tends to be heartless towards others. She can sometimes be very hard to get along with and is very sarcastic, which emphasizes her cold personality. She tends to get annoyed pretty easily, especially with people who talk excessively to her.

Hiding most to all emotion from her features, no one can really tell what she is feeling or thinking, which is exactly what she wants. Although,she,herself is able to figure out others are feeling just by observing them for a short period of time. She can also immediately tell when someone is lying. This is important when she is gaining information when interpreting lies from the truth.

This white rabbit has a very high image of herself. She doesn't like it when people try to best her, and absolutely hates it when people look down on her. She finds herself being colder to those who purposely try to be better than her. Behind all the death glares and rude remarks, Bones, surprisingly, can have a soft side towards people who can see past her cold barrier. No one, as of yet, has been able to get on her good side.


Like many other bunnies, Bones’ life had started in the slums,raised by a young rabbit mother who spent majority of her time wandering the streets to find some sort of low priced drug. Her mother never really played the role as a parent, and did nothing but give Bones her birth name ‘Jacqui Taylor’; (This was composed of her mother’s middle name and ex-boyfriends last name.) As Bones’ began to grow older, her body demanded more food, which to her mother, wasn’t even possible to get. When the white rabbit turned five, her mother had sold her off to a ‘research’ facility for a large sum of money which, of course, was spent on more drugs and herself.

The large ‘Research Facility’ was actually an experimentation lab that spent thousands and thousands of dollars experimenting on small rabbit children (Whether this was common human illnesses or strong drugs that were soon going to be selling on the market). Although, since her body was too weak from the lack of food she had received as a child, the first few months at the lab were somewhat..enjoyable. Besides the lack of color in her room, and daily hospital gowns, Bones was fed three times a day, allowed toys, her own bed, and other rabbit friends. Scientists seemed to be okay with her, many of them were nice to her, while others still had disgusting looks on their faces.

As her body began to grow healthier, unfortunately, scientists began doing more and more tests on her, and suddenly, Bones’ freedom was no longer hers. She was not allowed friends, seeing as though most of the bunnies there had died from the experiments, she wasn’t allowed toys since they had become such a ‘distraction’ from the tests, and finally, she was placed in a small room that became more like a cage. No bed, just metal bars.

Eventually Bones had became insane, and refused to take any more tests, which was very unacceptable within the facility. Each needle that came two-feet within her range was instantly smacked out of a hand, some scientists were beaten to a point where they had to be hospitalized, and a majority of the equipment was damaged. From the amount of drugs that had gone into her body, Bones’ physical strength had always been stronger than any rabbit of her age.

When Bones had turned seventeen, she had broke out of the facility during one of the experiments, injuring ten scientists and killing two by injecting syringes filled with deadly chemicals into their necks, with also severe beatings with their own equipment. From this point on she had hated humans with such a passion it was almost unhealthy.

For years, Bones had lived on the streets, straying away from any officer that had come near her and living in the shadows. It wasn't until recently she was introduced to BJBB by a certain black rabbit named Kynton who had mistaken her for his wife.

(497 :'D)



+ Nighttime

+Casual Wear


+Open Areas

+White Chocolate

-Noisy people

-Formal wear


-Having Long Hair (It bothers her so much, but lately she's been lazy to do anything with it.)


♣Bones has a tattoo on her back that got her the nickname ->

♣Used to have long hair when she was little, but has kept it short-ish since she left the lab.

:new: ♣ Recently, Bones had a very bad encounter with a doctor from her past. In a fit of his rage, he managed cut Bones' eye with a pocket knife, causing her to lose her sight. She now has a scar across her right eye. 


Kynton Domani : The Rabbit who introduced Bones to BJBB. They will run into each other every now and then. 

Trita Domani : She considers Trita basically her sister, (Because they look alike.) They tend to go out drinking alot.

Ryu Usagi  A Higher-rank she looks up to (Surprisingly). She likes to tease him and call him 'firecrotch', and also likes staring at him from across the room. huehue

Adien Pudget They've been through alot, even though they don't know that much about eachother. She's considers herself close to him, especially after he saved her life. 

[SNS] Star Gazing by DicedPears
[SNS] Star Gazing

A small, fake, screenshot for the festival event. HAVE SOME ADORABLE POKO :3

The outfit he is wearing can be found here ->
The first two are more "festive" while the last one is his everyday! 


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 1:42 PM

:icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: 

• An rp group based on the famous INUYASHA. Roleplay your originals characters (Whether they be half breed, full demon, or even human) in this spunky feudal tale classic with the hothead demons, magic, and pervy monks we've all grown up watching!!! 

• This group is open until JAN 31ST 


Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo by DicedPearsGoshinbokuu Guardian: Akira by nekoyashaprincess


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Hi guys! ^o^ Welcome to my boring beyond compare page. :3 Don't worry, I'll make it pretty eventually OTL ...

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