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Starting to open commissions since I finally organized some shizz ;n;// It would be greatly appreciated if you could help a sista out!

So Here are the prices and examples! The more I do, the more I'll be adding to the list!

This  is the order form you will need to fill out! If you'd rather me contact you via DA, please just put your DA username !

There is no limit to how many I will be doing because I'm going to keep these up for a while!
[WT] Peledil by DicedPears
[WT] Peledil

For the group :iconworldtrain:

|| Basics ||

Name: Peledil Omylia Elendar

Age: Nineteen

Birthday: October 14th

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 162cm  (5' 3)

Weight: 57 kg  (126 lbs)

Mother (No contact with)
     Holy Priests
    Foster sister 
    Elder Priestess (Seen as a caregiver)

Species: Hadeas
    Hadeas (Hay-dee-as) are the spiritual beings of Usloria, referring to themselves as the children of Efelia (Goddess of the Stars) and Apmir (God of the Sky). They are humanoid creatures with heights that range from 160cm to 182 (About 5' 2 to 6'7 ), and have antlers that protrude from the sides of their heads that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their ears are usually long and slender (this can vary depending on genetics) and full, medium tails. They are one of the five main species of people that exist on the planet Usloria, having the smallest population compared to that of other creatures. They mainly live in areas such as forests, plains, and jungles. However, due to their vast expansion and advancement of technology, they have now also located in desert areas in order to gather resources for trading. 
    Gifted with the abilities of the 'Gods', as they like to call it, Hadeas posses the abilities of healing, psionic inundation, and photoportation. Although, many young Hadeas (such as Peledil) are unable to fully control their abilities.
      (*Majority of Hadeas are unable to create light in order to use their abilities. This is a weakness for many, for they can only manipulate existing light (aside from those who have spent years awakening their full potential)) 
    (( Due to Peledil's background, she is not a hybrid of a Hadeas and the Goddess Nahna. These species do not generate hybrids. They are the species of either the mother or father. But despite not creating hybrids, Peledil did inherit her mother's abilities.)) 

|| Dimension ||

"It is said that when Efelia, Goddess of the Stars, and Apmir, God of the Sky, joined in body and in soul, they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Usloria. The girl thrived with life, inheriting the beauty of her mother and the willpower of her father. When Usloria had finally grown into a woman, Apmir became frightened that his daughter would cease to be beautiful, thus turning her into a planet in order to forever preserve her beauty. When Efelia became aware of what her husband had done, she became confused and upset, pleading that he turn her back into their beautiful daughter once more. Apmir refused, and Efelia became enraged, fusing her soul and his own together. They too, became a large god planet, being able to look after and be with their daughter forever." 

    Usloria is a planet that orbits one larger planet twice the size of Jupiter, which is referred to by the people of Usloria as "Efelia's wrath", or simply "God planet". Usloria is a planet that contains two large masses of land, decorated with small islands on the outer ridges. Mostly covered with Forests, plains, and occasional deserts, Usloria only has a small handful areas in which weather is cold enough for snow and ice. Weather year round is usually sunny with light breezes throughout the day. Every two years, Usloria's elliptical orbit around the white sun causes the planet to have extreme cases of weather, temporary heating or freezing the planet for about 130 days (*A typical year on Usloria lasts about 406 days, and day lasts about 32 hours.)

    Usloria's vast terrain contain many villages, towns, and even cities that cover the planet's surface. Much of the land of Usloria is uninhabited by it's five main species of people. However, many regions of the land have been overtaken by the abundant population of animals and vegetation. As a type of governing system,only the strongest in the land are appointed to work under the Goddess Nahna, a powerful being who is said to have descended from the God planet in order to protect Usloria. This group of people is also known as The Liberation. They create laws, handle currency, etc, and are also seen as a respected group of people and handle issues concerning certain towns and or villages. Regarding The Liberation, there are four nations on Usloria that are self governed by high priests and priestesses. Each nation, much like The Liberation, has a self governing system that uses Usloria's laws as a foundation.   
     * The Liberation in Usloria is considered a Congress for America. They overall rule the nations, but leave room for the High Priests/Priestess to inject their own laws for their own lands.

    The culture and fashion of the people of Usloria is more cloth and leather based decorated with colorful types and/or accessories, depending on the type of area one lives in and their status. Many people tend to wear armor as an act of protection from the hostile creatures roaming the lands. The more colorful one's clothes are (as well as the amount of armor they have), the higher up they are on the social ladder. 

|| Backstory||


    Peledil is very adventurous, joyous, clingy, and emotional girl who can be naive about many things. She's highly intelligent about survival, but also very kind and understanding to people. She takes friendships very seriously and is easily effected by others' emotions as well as her own. Peledil hates being alone in fear of abandonment by the people she considers herself close to. She likes being open with others, sharing her own customs with her friends and even wanting to learn about others. She has a fascination with things she is not familiar with, always having an itch to learn more and reading books about planets that are not her own. Because of her strong abilities, Peledil is deathly afraid of hurting others, especially if it is by her uncontrollably light abilities, which are greatly affected by her emotions. Above all, when the time calls for it, Peledil is a strong fighter and likes to plan out before rushing into battle. She can be very serious when she feels as though her life, and her friends' lives are in danger. 



    Peledil was born from the Goddess Nahna during a civil war outbreak between the nations of Usloria. Because of this, an organization who threatened to touch the holy lands of the God Planet planned to kidnap the child and use her as a weapon of war. In order to prevent it, Goddess Nahna sent her child away to trusty Priests and lied about the death of her daughter in order to cease any more further conflict reguarding the kidnappings. This left openings for Nahna and her strong group of followers to stop the organization. 

    Peledil grew up under the watchful eye alongside her foster sister Aila, another Hadeas that was to be trained as well. They formed a sisterly bond between eachother, and even spent time outside the shrine doing other activities such as archery and practicing magic.

    As the two girls grew older, they grew distant due to Aila overhearing the priests reveal Peledil's true identity as Goddess Nahna's daughter. She decided that she would spent her time bettering her sister out of the act of jealousy. During a fight, Aila revealed what Peledil really was, causing Peledil's emotions to spiral out of control and injure her sister on accident. She fled the city immediately in fear she killed the only family she had.

    The young Hadeas traveled across the world to different cities, using this as a way to find herself and learn things she couldn't of learned in her hometown. She learned about a magical train that took away magical beings willingly, or so she heard. However, due to many of it being a myth within her home planet, there was little to no records about the train. With a strong desire to find the train, Peledil ventured out once more in order to find her sanctuary of leaving her home.

    Born from the Goddess Nahna, Peledil's birth was during a time of bloodshed and hatred between many of the Uslorian folk. When Peledil was still in the womb of her mother, an organization called "Black Striders"  had planned to invade the God planet in order to obtain powerful resources and take control of the untouched lands. This did not go ignored for many of the Uslorian people and The Liberation who worshiped the holy planet and saw it as only a place of and for the Gods. This caused an uproar between many of the Uslorians, starting civil wars that led to bad blood between many once allied nations. After Peledil was born, rumor had it that the Black Striders were planning to kidnap the child and use her as a weapon of war, as well as use her to invade the God planet due to the powers she had inherited from her mother. In fear that her child would be forever stained by the hatred of war, Goddess Nahna had sent her child away in the arms of her trusty priests, while she herself faked the death of her daughter. It was to be said that the child of Nahna died shortly after her birth, which kept the Black Striders at bay while they continued to plan their future exhibitions on the God Planet. 

Early Life 

      Peledil was raised in a place called Caefall, a large, middle-class village surrounded by miles of forest in the nation of Aroonshire. Caefall was a village that had shut itself out from the rest of the world, only allowing few monthly trades with other lands in order to maintain sustainable food and other goods for their people. She grew up alongside her teenage foster sister, Aila, another young Hadeas who was to be taught the ways of light. During her childhood, Aila and Peledil spent most of their time within the Spiritual Shrine, learning the ways of their powers much like most Hadeas did at a very young age. Due to Peledil's goddess powers, her training was much more brutal and therefore was watched under hawk's eye as she grew into a teenager. Nonetheless,  Peledil would venture out into the woods with her older sister at night and practice not only their magic, but their main form of weapons, archery. With much training, Peledil was able to fuse both her intelligence of archery and her spiritual powers into one form of attack. Aila and Peledil formed a special bond, reading each other stories at night and even getting into the forbidden books of the priests. They even had an elderly priestess of the name Imra tell them ancient stories of mythical beasts. She even mentioned the story of a magical train that traveled across the universe. However, the young girls blew it off as some mythical fairy tale.

The Fall

    It wasn't long until Peledil was able to fend for herself, her time spent at the Spiritual Shrine decreasing as time went on. However, while still being young, her powers had yet to be fully controlled. Occasionally, due to her emotions getting out of control, Peledil would accidentally shoot energy bolts from her hands, or teleport across the room. Aila, who had decided that she would spend the rest of her life meditating and opening her true potential only to surpass her sister, spent less time hunting and spending time with Peledil. This caused the two non-biological siblings to become distant and eventually to the point where they barely spoke until some late nights during dinners. Peledil grew upset, and even angry that her sister, (who she considered the only family she had) would let the act of jealousy get in between their friendship and close bonds of sisters. During a fight between Peledil and Aila, the two girls exchanged hurtful words that caused the entire Shrine to look upon their bickering. Aila admitted she learned what Peledil was from overhearing the priests, and the only reason why she stopped socializing with her is because Peledil didn't even have to try and train.. Being the child of a goddess meant she was born with a power greater than all Hadeas. 

    Speechless, Peledil refused to believe she was the daughter of the Great Nahna, causing her emotions to spiral out of control. Aila, who was already seething with rage that her sister could be so clueless, turned to leave the Shrine. However, Peledil, as an act to stop her, reached to grab Aila's cloak, only to emit a powerful spiritual orb that was sent right into the back of her sister.  The girl dropped to her knees before falling to the floor almost lifeless. Thinking she killed her sister, Peledil fled the shrine and out of Caefall.

The Truth

    After discovering who she truly was, Peledil's ability to control her powers became harder and harder for her. Her spiraling emotions caused her powers to almost fluctuate, having it harder to use them in her time of need. She lived on her own for seemed like forever, traveling majority of the time from city to city and town to town. She became more open with people, discovering many new things than she would of being held up the Shrine. However, she still found herself missing some part of herself. During her time in a small city called Lewes (a town that held a majority of magical beings), Peledil had learned more about the magical train she had once heard of as a kid. It was said that a handful people had gone missing within the last few decades. Many people referred to it as just a myth due to no one ever returning to tell the stories of it. Be that as it may, Peledil kept her hopes high. She asked many others about the train, and even went as far as to try and research  it. To no avail, Peledil ventured out once more in order to find the magical sanctuary she had longed for; To rid herself of the life she was lied to about. To start over in a train place with people much like herself.

    Words: 1027

|| Skills/Abilities ||


One of the few abilities she is able to fully control, Peledil is able to heal herself (and others) by emitting a soft, yellowish light from her hands onto any wound. However, the bigger the wound, the more strength it takes from Peledil. 

Psionic Inundation: 

Peledil is able to overload an enemy's mind with a burst of energy, which can cause brain damage, memory loss or unconsciousness. She is only able to use this ability if she is truly focused, which often leads her to have severe migraines. She only uses this ability if the time truly calls for it.  


The ability to teleport via protons. This ability is the hardest for Peledil to control and usually happens during random moments in time. Usually, the light beam in which she merges into can be seen ricocheting off walls and other obstacles, throwing Peledil onto the ground and into a dizzy daze for a couple moments. 

Spiritual Energy Orbs:

The ability to focus light and energy (which is usually a pale yellow light) into her palms. These can be focused on an object ( the tips of her arrows, or directly onto an enemy) or shot out directly. They cause explosions on contact. They can also be used as some sort of protection from long ranged attacks.



Peledil has little to no defensive abilities and is very vulnerable to head-on attacks. Her spiritual barrier can not take head-on attacks, as it will shatter on contact.

Psionic Inundation: 

This ability often leaves Peledil with a severe headache or unconscious (if used too often), much like her enemy. It requires a lot of mana and serious concentration. The longer she applies this ability, the stronger her own headache is afterwards.

• Photoportation:

Only able to use this in areas with some sort of light as darkness completely cancels out this ability. She is also unable to move in a straight line, which can cause her to get dizzy very easily and stop short of her destination. Even when focused, Peledil is unable to reach her wanted destination, usually seen warping yards away. This ability causes her body to emit a strong, bright light, which is often seen by her enemies. (Not great for missions that require stealth)

Spiritual Energy Orbs:

Only able to use four orbs if used as bolts, and only able to use it every six seconds. When used directly on weapons, or objects, the energy will usually fade within a twenty second time span. When used as shields, the barrier can only last for ten seconds at a time and will take about five to regenerate from last barrier made.

|| Stats || 

   Health: 100

   Magic: 180

   Attack: 150

   Defense: 15

   Speed: 55


 Artemis: A handcrafted bow made by the spiritual people of Lewes. It is infused with crystal shards which prevents the bow from snapping. It is Peledil's main weapon aside from her physical abilities. 

|| Items ||

Peledil wears a flower pendent she received from her sister Aila when they were younger.
She carries around her violin and usually likes playing too soothe her mood. 

|| Likes/Dislikes ||

+ Cool temperatures
+Playing her Violin
+Bonding with friends
+ Gardening

-Drunk and rowdy people
-People using their magic to harm others for the fun of it
-Slimy things (Whether it be objects or people)
-Robots (The thought of artificial intelligence scares her) 
-Hurting others

|| Misc Facts ||

•The shiny fabric on Peledil's clothing, accessories, and even paint on her antlers is a mineral called Carmine Zinnitoite (a mineral similar to gold, though it is not worth as much), which is used in jewelry worn by the people in Usloria. It can be used to make metals, but also soft enough to be turned into liquids which can be used as paint or sewn into fabrics. 

•Peledil is very sensitive to loud noises. 

• Speaks without contractions and even misuses/misunderstands common idioms.

• Enjoys flowers, trees, grass, and even gardening

• Loves cooking

• Peledil's tail is usually hidden behind her long, blue hair. However, it has two puffy layers that lay directly on top of each other (Top layer is blue, and the under layer is white. Much like a longer version of a deer's tail that lays flat.)

• Peledil has white markings along the sides of her body and arms. She uses large, yet decorative clothes in order to hide them. 

Pet: None at the moment 


Aila: Her foster sister with whom she grew up with. She still thinks about her every now and then and even gets reminded of her by the smallest things.

Goddess Nahna: Even though she has never seen or talked to her, Peledil has the utmost respect for her and hopes that one day she can meet her.

RP Sample: The blue haired archer squinted at the large animal below her, her hand clenching the bow tight  as her body swiftly hid behind a large rock. The animal continued it's grazing on the luscious grass beneath it, it's rather large ears swiveling around in order to hear the sounds of nature around it.  Positioning the bow in front of her, she reached back into her quiver, sliding out a bow tipped with a golden arrowhead. Placing the nock of the bow against the bowstring, Peledil pulled back against the firm hold of the string, the bow creaking in pain at the amount of force she used. She would be lying if she said her heart wasn't beating as fast the drums in the village during ritual ceremonies. Her brows pushed together, beads of sweat building on her forehead. Her light brown eyes never left the creature, estimating and calculating the the distance and the wind current and how it would effect her shot." You are mine now..", she mumbled, her left hand releasing the arrow as it propelled quickly towards the animal. Without a moment to spare, it struck the animal's side with brute force, causing it to stumble to the side before collapsing on to the ground with a cry of pain.
Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo by DicedPears
Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo


The guardian of Sakimitama (幸魂 Love)

Voice samples: Voice 1   Voice 2


Nobuo (Nicknamed ‘White Devil’ throughout his lifetime)







-Class & Species  

Ogre Demon (Oni) (With a bit of shet added)


• Enhanced senses

• Regenerative Healing Factor - Can heal wounds faster than the average demon. The more severe the wound, the longer the process of healing is.

• Poison Immunity - Immune to all types of poisons, both manmade and miasma.

•Enhanced strength


• 月影の剣 (Sword of Moonlight/Tsukikage no ken) \  太陽の剣 (Sword of the Sun/Taiyō no ken)

              •   Nobuo's Tsukikage no ken is a sword that derives it's power from the moon, so to speak. When used at night, or any poorly dimlight area, the blade will emit an almost heavenly glow. This blade is used to cut down barriers, and any heavily protected spiritual blockades.

              •  Taiyō no ken is a blade emits a yellow-like aura when used. This sword, much like its name, is a blade that can cut through demonic armor due to it's hot temperatures. It's spiritual power, along with Nobuo's allows the blade to heat up to extreme temperatures.

•  Claws

• Demon’s Fan ( A fan created with the bones and flesh of other demons. It possess mystical powers for both for offensive and defensive attacks.)

      • Can withstand severe attacks, never shredding or fraying.

      • With a wave of the fan, Nobuo can summon red flowers (Much like that on the design of the fan) that will cause large explosions, potentially doing severe damage to his opponent if they are hit within range.  

-Partner Aids

[Goshinbokuu] Poko by DicedPears  A Bakeneko named Poko that serves Nobuo under the condition that he must repay his debt for being saved. He assists Nobuo in any way he could, accompanying him in travels and even tending to his wounds after battles. Poko is a highly trusted servant to Nobuo.


Flirtatious | Deceiving | Bipolar | Playful | Dramatic |

Nobuo is a demon who is constantly fighting his inner demons. Although he was announced as the Guardian of Love, he still feels hungry for human flesh, and must hold back these feelings especially around Ishihara and Akira. He’s very teasing, and will say the most sinful things to anyone in order to get a reaction. He’s usually always in his temple, being tended to by his human and demon servants. Nobuo is  not seen much outside due to the scent of human flesh driving him crazy.

-Strengths & Weaknesses:

• Charm(Uses his good looks to his advantages)

• Speed/Agility

• Weapon handling

• Human blood



-Human Blood

-Long ranged attacks




  • Nobuo has probably fathered thousands of children by now

  • He takes pride in his hair. Don’t touch it.

  • He has a tendency to hide his face behind his fan, or fan himself quite often. This is blocking human aroma from his nose. Sometimes it’s because he doesn’t like showing emotion.

  • He acts like the Queen

  • His temple is filled with incense and candles to block out the outside world. It’s so strong many demons and humans can’t handle it and stray away.

[Goshinbokuu] Poko by DicedPears
[Goshinbokuu] Poko


 Poko (also known as ‘Devil’s Cat’)

-Age:  201

Voice: Voice

-Gender:  Male

-Class & Species:Bakeneko

-Height/Weight: Humanoid Height: 5’0; Demon Height: 2’4




•Enhanced vision, especially in darker lighting

• Immune to most poisons and miasma; Can still be affected, but it takes the form of a small cold.

-Weapons/Powers :

•Reanimation- Ability to reanimate corpses, although he has yet to learn how to properly control them. They can sometimes go on rampages, so Poko keeps this ability on a downlow.

•Fireballs - Summons fireballs from the palms of his hands. These fireballs act almost ghostly, being able to warp through walls or manipulated in any way Poko pleases. Because he is still young, Poko sometimes uncontrollably launches fireballs due to a bad temper.

•Flammable Tail - Like a match, the tip of his tail can ignite a small flame that can set fire to anything it touches.

-Partner Aids: Assistant to his lord, Nobuo


Sassy | Hardworking | Childish | Coy | Sensitive | Perceptive

Poko is a very prissy housecat that maintains a tough demeanor as a way to portray how grown up he is. He doesn’t like being told what to do, although he’ll do it anyway and make sure whatever he was told to do is perfect. Despite his attitude, he can be very and friendly to other he trusts, but always very rude to those he doesn’t like.  

-Strengths & Weaknesses  



+Close combat




-Food (Can eat 3x his size, and enjoys it)



As a young kitten who lived on a farm, Poko was bred to for one thing and one thing only; to live out his life catching mice. Adopted by an elderly couple who wanted to settle down, they brought Poko to their manor in order for him to have a carefree life. It was simple, living out his years just to catch mice. But it had become  boring and uneventful as soon as the elderly couple passed away, leaving the manor for Poko for years.

Poko continued to catch mice just as he was bred to, and eventually he reached the age to where he would become a Bakeneko, only to live a hundred more years in the abandoned residence. Eventually, Poko grew tired of the constant game of cat and mouse, and felt the need to do whatever he wanted. Usually, the bakeneko would scare away wanderers who thought it was a good idea to peek into the manor. At night, Poko went into villages and play tricks on unsuspecting humans, living the life of a child that really never grew up.

One festival night, Poko snuck into a village where families of all sizes joined together in order to celebrate a good year of harvest. He took this moment to snatch a kid and possess his body. At first, all was well until the family realized their son had been acting much differently ever since the festival. In their moment of fear, they sold Poko to a brothel.

It took years, almost a decade, for Poko to break out of the brothel and onto his way of freedom. That was, until a group of drunken samurai attacked him on an open road and beat him almost to death. He screamed for help until his voice gave out, fought until his arm and leg were broken. When the samurai left him to die, a passerby with long, silver hair had rescued him, bringing him to his temple and tending to his wounds. He called himself Nobuo, and told Poko that if he had wanted, he could stay with him. Nobuo would give him shelter, protection, food, and everything he desired if he promised to stay by his side and aid him in his work of being a Guardian. It wasn’t a plea, more like a command for saving the Bakeneko’s pathetic life. But Poko couldn’t refuse; he had no where to go, he was weak and demons would pray on him like a bug. So, he had agreed to follow Nobuo to the ends of the earth, much to his dismay.

Now, Poko trains under Nobuo, perfecting his technique of casting and manipulating fire. He travels with Nobuo wherever he goes, helps around with the temple (Mainly giving orders to servants and helpers.) He is the Guardian’s right hand man, and even looks up to him as a fatherly figure.


-Poko has a nasty temper

-He acts like he’s a slave to Nobuo, but in reality he loves serving him due to Nobuo’s kind heart.

-His humanoid forms looks around 15 years old. It stopped aging the moment Poko possessed it.

-The red markings on Poko’s arms and legs is from paint. He does this in order to represent the lord he serves under. ( It was completely voluntary. Poko likes Nobuo that much.)

-When no one is around, Poko likes to sleep on Nobuo’s lap

-He made Nobuo swear to never tell anyone how much of a softy he is. Nobuo agreed happily.


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 1:42 PM

:icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: :icongoshinbokuu: 

• An rp group based on the famous INUYASHA. Roleplay your originals characters (Whether they be half breed, full demon, or even human) in this spunky feudal tale classic with the hothead demons, magic, and pervy monks we've all grown up watching!!! 

• This group is open until JAN 31ST 


Goshibokuu Guardian: Nobuo by DicedPearsGoshinbokuu Guardian: Akira by nekoyashaprincess

Starting to open commissions since I finally organized some shizz ;n;// It would be greatly appreciated if you could help a sista out!

So Here are the prices and examples! The more I do, the more I'll be adding to the list!

This  is the order form you will need to fill out! If you'd rather me contact you via DA, please just put your DA username !

There is no limit to how many I will be doing because I'm going to keep these up for a while!


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